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Welcome to my shop

Hi, welcome to my shop! Here you will find a selection of my prints, greeting cards and accessories. You just might find a nice gift or product over here, and if not? Contact buro vandiedagen to see what I can do for you and your project.

How to order

NOTE { At this point it is only possible to order and send products within the EU. If you would like to order from outside the EU, please contact me.

1 { See what products are for sale.
2 { Send an e-mail with the products you would like to purchase or fill in the order form
3 { I’ll send a confirmation e-mail, with the shipping costs and billing info
4 { Pay for your order via a money transfer
5 { When your money is received, your items will be send your way
6 { Check the package you received and if everything is ok, then…
7 { Enjoy your purchases!


Shipping costs depend on your location and order. After ordering your products, you will receive a total price including the shipping costs. At this point you can decide to cancel or purchase your order. If you agree with the total price, you pay via money transfer and after payment is received the order will be send.

not happy with something?

Is something wrong with your purchase? buro vandiedagen finds her customers very important. Are you not satisfied with a product from the shop, then buro vandiedagen is committed to resolve this in all reasonableness and with mutual agreement. Please contact me within 14 days after receiving your order with your complaint and we will sort it out.


These BNO terms of sale apply to all items sold through the shop.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, it is greatly appreciated, please send your feedback to hallo[at]

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